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New Fireplaces Design Ideas with Custom Fireplaces or Mantel in Your Home

May 22, 2011 By: admin Category: Decorating Ideas, Living Room

contemporary slate fireplace design ideas

Decorating your living room with fireplace is suitable for placement within the room. These new design ideas cans help create a custom fireplace mantle or in your home. we provide the best images to design a fireplace in your living room from some famous designers available. fireplace decoration for your living room, we get from HGTV is a website that informs about the interior, starting from the home decor. The following design fireplace pictures hopefully this can inspire you to decorate the living room with fireplace design best. (more…)

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Modern Contemporary Fireplaces Photos Gallery

April 15, 2011 By: admin Category: Interior Design

modern brick fireplaces design

Modern fireplace is a fireplace that uses modern technology, but there’s still made ​​by hand themselves with modern style, organized and inspired by the clean lines of modern life. He added that the atmosphere of timeless appeal in a room or living room a work of art by dancing to live fire in the fireplace. There is a link to the past in their designs, though the perfect combination of clean fresh look of modern architecture and traditional fireplaces, which defines them inspired. many of the fireplace today is their flexibility. If the fireplace when the call came out of modern and classical forms, may be equally suitable for almost all kinds and types of interior themes. a little touch of modern rooms elegantly modern fireplace in the room, while a more contemporary look to win with a tone when a modern line of fire in the same place. (more…)

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