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Restaurant Interior Design – Restaurant Lighting Ideas

June 26, 2010 By: admin Category: Interior Design, Lighting, Restaurant

Restaurant Lighting Design

Restaurant lighting will be designed by qualified firms and interdisciplinary setting to strengthen the concrete interior and atmosphere, the furniture and decorations that distinguish a fine restaurant as a unique institution of its kind exclusive. Due to the many, not the resolution, which makes the restaurant a very high end, only one of its kind, each restaurant lighting system with a high level of adaptation and specialized lighting effects are specific to the client. There is a clear understanding of the many layers of light and lighting, lighting systems and custom engineered and that it would install the assembly that all these different elements at each restaurant lighting to reflect and reinforce the basic elements of design and ambience, atmosphere and clientele. (more…)

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Modern Restaurant Interior Design Konsep By Frighetto

June 22, 2010 By: admin Category: Interior Design, Restaurant

Modern restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant design begins with conceptual ideas. But some examples of pictures we took that allow for us to get creative ideas in order to create a modern design our restaurants to restaurants or lounges. We then began to make the restaurant or hospitality design concept a reality. We use state of the art technology to develop walk thrust and color 3D rendering to represent our design for the restaurant. We then began to create a modern restaurant interior design. The restaurant concept restaurant interior from any famous hotel in the world, Designed by Frighetto. Using a contemporary furniture, tables and stools blob, swing, spline armchairs, chairs. Good work and really inspiring. The Best Modern Restaurant Interior Design from any famous hotel in the world, designed by Frighetto. Using a contemporary furniture, bloob tables and stools, swing, spline armchairs, kab chairs. Good work and really inspiring. (more…)

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