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Modern Cafe Shop Design with Contemporary Interior Decorating Ideas

February 16, 2011 By: admin Category: cafe, Decorating Ideas, Interior Design

modern cafe shop bar designCafe interior Decorating Ideas Combined with Modern Furniture Design Ideas

Here are some awesome cafe interior decorating ideas combined with modern furniture design ideas brought to you by Kidosaki Architects Studio. This is the best place to eat or just relax, located at Osu Naka-Ku Nagoya City Aichi, Japan. This restaurant’s interior has a contemporary design that is perfectly fitting for today’s modern outlook. AG Project Cafe is in a prime location for artists and customers, located on Osu Shopping Street in downtown Nagoya. At the request of the future owner, it was designed and built to be organic and to connect with the surrounding environment. It’s a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you embrace the environment because it includes it. Abstraction from the nests of birds add to the homey feeling. The many windows are innovative because of the immense transparency, lending inspiration to locals companies like Jayhawk Roofing & Siding. Here are the best samples of the interior and furniture choices of AG Cafe in the creative photo gallery below. (more…)

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Modern Cafe Interior Design Idea With Japanese Styles

June 03, 2010 By: admin Category: cafe, Interior Design

Modern Cafe Design

Cafe is a comfortable place to chat with friends, relatives or family. cafe interior design can be an attractive good consumer appeal. modern cafe interior design becomes the right choice for the design of the cafe who want to attract customers from among the high class. cafe furniture is also a good decoration for the interior of the cafe so that the atmosphere becomes more lively. cafe with a modern design and luxurious and elegant style will also be able to attract the young servant to enjoy the atmosphere there. interior is decorated with wood as a base material will create an atmosphere like being in the city of japan. modern cafe does not always have to use modern equipment that you can also combine and improvisation with existing furniture or Wood interior, modern cafe cafe cafe even furniture can be found in the following figure. (more…)

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