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Fresh Interior Design Ideas with Color Combination For Work Studio

December 14, 2010 By: admin Category: Architecture, Decorating Ideas, Interior Design

Modern Interior Design Ideas - Living Room Design - Decorating Ideas

Trend Modern homes now have an interior design ideas with a fresh theme and bright colors. We would like Maison NW, shows a interior design ideas for studio work located in Saint-Ouen, near Paris, but also a house that has a variety of color combination. Modern Interior design ideas is the work of architect Nathalie Wolberg is Architect famous saying that “its own personality, its own desires, passions and even pathological defects.” We believe that the living room looks really cool and different if the approach using the ideas of modern ideas and light effects are really spectacular. staircase that connects the three floors are designed with unique / unusual, some would say a little dangerous, because there are no ready-pick available. several rooms make good use and given paint the walls with a matching color combination add freshness in the living room. (more…)

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Home interior Ideas and Architecture Design by Asensio_Mah

November 19, 2010 By: admin Category: Architecture, Home Designs, Interior Design

Modern Home Architecture Design - Windows Lighting Ideas

Asensio_mah famous architects and designers to maximize every corner of the room is used to discuss the package to build a house for a new breakthrough, cross-cutting around the core circulation is organized along three bands. Each room dominated by northeast-southwest direction of the maximum safe light of day in different rooms while maintaining appropriate and regulate the three-band, open to different opinions and orientations. group was set up and manage the use of different houses, but also the natural quality of the package determines the different landscape zones definitions. (more…)

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