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Home Interior Design New York of Lake House in Montauk by Murdock Architect

October 08, 2010 By: admin Category: Architecture, Decorating Ideas, Home Designs, Home Furnishing, Interior Design

Interior Design New York - Living room DesignInterior Design New York Lake House Living Room Design

Has a home or a comfortable home with views that are not boring is entertainment after us every day face the monotonous routine work. Here is the interior decoration of the house Lake House Contemporary Modern architectural design in Montauk – New York by Murdock Young Architects of New York base Mya and completed in 2007. New york-style lake house this amazing is Designed to accommodate a growing family and close friends, this lake-front compound, including the main house 4500 square meters with 50 meter swimming pool, a guest house of 1800 square meter three-bedroom, and warehouses.

Interior Design New York - Lake House Bedroom Furniture
Interior Design New York Lake House Bedroom

Interior Design New York - Bathroom DesignInterior Design New York Lake House Bathroom Design

Aggregates of smaller, informal living room with carefully structured to disguise most of the buildings and create a variety of views and experiences, each of which centers on the structure of a large open space with water views north and south of the sun and wind. Interiors structure combines modern design with the local vernacular tapered cedar shingles and white-painted wood: a large expanse of glass, painted pine board walls, exposed structural rolls, floor painted gray pine, and wood storage element that divides the floating-clad interior. Please see this lake home interior design such as spacious living room, master bedroom, professional kitchen, luxury bathroom, wall systems, stone fireplace and other interior decor with new york style by a architect Murdock.

Interior Design New York - Kitchen Design New YorkInterior Design New York Lake House Kitchen Design

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