Italian Interior Lighting With Milan Architecture By Flos

Italian interior lighting fixtures architecture

Italian Lighting Fixtures Architectural During Milan Design Week 2010, we visited the Soft Architecture  exhibition from Italian lighting manufacturer FLOS at Super studio in Milan’s Zona Tortona district. Italian Lighting Fixtures Architectural, lighting fixtures with studio Milan architecture.

interior lighting fixtures architecture

Milan Lighting Studio design

modern Milan Lighting fixtures architecture

Soft Architecture consists of a new collection characterized by the use of a special Italian Lighting Fixtures Architectural composite material (Under-Cover technology) of which FLOS holds an exclusive license agreement in the lighting compartment for its production and commercialization on a world level.

It’s an innovative material that contemporary unites lightness and elevated resistance, capable of assuring performance and durability in time and that integrates itself perfectly with normal plasterboard false ceilings.

Furthermore it responds to the most recent international regulations on safety and Eco-compatibility, being a non combustible material and having a “Cradle to Cradle” certification.

You can choose between a series of forms already existing in the catalog in which to place and “hide” the light source or create ad hock forms based on specific design needs.

Soft Architecture therefore opens a new world to the professional in which he or she can express without limits his or her own creativity, offering unlimited combination possibilities, where the light is harmoniously integrated in the architecture of the surroundings poetically celebrating the encounter between form and energy.